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Wall plugs
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wall plug nail - 0906315301

Resistant to UV rays
Plastic anchor made of high-quality polyamide — resistant...

wall plug metallic - 0904520801

The anchor of this product comes with a dimension of 8mm, as well as a length...

wall plug heavy-duty - 0905212001

The W-HAZ-S/S from Wurth is a high performance anchor that is used for fastening...

wall plug - 108 series

Skiffy industrial plugs of the 108 Series are made out of nylon-6 (polyamide 6). They...

wall plug - ø 2.5 - 10 mm | 930022

The plastic wall plug mount, manufactured by Etigo, features a UV-proof design which is capable of tolerating temperatures...

wall plug - OD : 8 - 10 mm

This Wall plug Bulfix Type "B"is manufactured...

wall plug - CHEV

The CHEV Series of Wall plug, manufactured by PLASTEM,...

wall plug expanding - 98504

The Lindapter® Hollo...

wall plug expanding - 98511

The 98511 series manufactured by Lindapter®,...

wall plug expanding - 98521

The 98521 is a cavity fixing, manufactured...

wall plug metallic - M20, 110 mm | SL20

The SL20 is a unit manufactured by Airloc company....

wall plug metallic - M24, 125 mm | SL24

The SL 24 Series, manufactured by Airloc, is a heavy duty...

wall plug metallic - M12, 86 mm | TA12

The TA 12 Series, manufactured by Airloc, is a heavy duty...

wall plug chemical - M12, 97 mm | RM12

The Resin Anchor RM is specifically designed to provide a good quality performance and...

wall plug heavy-duty - Triga Z

Torque controlled expansion anchors which boast independently approved...

wall plug heavy-duty - Guardia

Torque controlled expansion anchor developed for fixing safety barriers...

wall plug - Hit M

The only hammer screw anchor designed...

wall plug long - Fast

Hammer screw anchor for fixing to concrete. Pre-assembled,...

wall plug long - Fast

Pre-assembled cavity fixing. Locks into the base material...

wall plug long - Fast

Micro Plastics' Two Piece rivets are designed to fasten larger components or small...

wall plug long - Fast

For anchorages of medium-weight loads in concrete and natural stone (hard) in dry interiors of buildings
Versatile and suitable for attachment with screws or threaded...

wall plug heavy-duty - BZ

For anchorages of medium-weight to heavy loads in cracked and non-cracked concrete
Attachment of wall hanger brackets, support channels, base plates, constructions...

wall plug heavy-duty - BZ

Field of application
For mounting on cavity panels and drywall plasterboards made of gypsum, fiber metal sheets,...

wall plug heavy-duty - BZ

For anchorages in concrete, lime sand brick, solid brick, natural stone (hard), gypsum full brick

wall plug heavy-duty - BZ

Suitable for attachment in concrete, natural stone, plaster, lime sand brick, solid brick, etc.

wall plug heavy-duty - BZ

The injection system suitable for cracked concrete consists of a fischer Highbond dynamic anchor stud and Injection mortar FIS HB.
The FIS HB injection mortar is a high-strength 2-component vinylester mortar.
When ejected by using the special application gun (see pages 111/112), the two components are mixed and activated in the static mixer.

wall plug heavy-duty - BZ

Expansion plug M-S
The expansion plug for metric...

wall plug heavy-duty - BZ

Metal cavity fixing HM
The versatile metal cavity fixing with metric screws

Building materials
Gypsum plasterboard and gypsum fibreboards
Cavity floor slabs
Light building boards...

wall plug heavy-duty - BZ

Plasterboard fixing metal GKM
The self-tapping metal fixing for gypsum plasterboard and gypsum fibreboard

Building materials
Gypsum fibreboard
Gypsum plasterboard

wall plug heavy-duty - BZ

Frame fixing SXS-F US
The high-performance frame fixing for solid building materials and cracked concrete

zinc-plated steel
stainless steel

Building materials
Approved for:
Concrete C20/25 to C50/60

wall plug nail - ND-K-6

For quick and easy...

wall plug nail - SDF series

For installation of metal components...

wall plug nail - SDF-KB-14U

For fixing metal substructures to...

wall plug nail - SDP series

For fixing metal substructures to aerated concrete

wall plug nail - SDP-S-14

For fixing timber substructure...

wall plug heavy-duty - VAK

The ISOLOC Vario anchoring system VAK was developped by means...

wall plug heavy-duty - VAK

A simple method to fix screws safely and fast in the ground e. g. when using our through-bore machine shoes UMS-DSF. No concreting, high security by high jarring resistance, also...

wall plug - B

Name :
Standard polyamide plugs

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