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Braime Clamp (BC) 4B Braime Elevator Components

4B Braime Clamp - Heavy Duty Elevator Belt Splice

4B Braime Clamp - Heavy Duty Elevator Belt Splice

The Braime Clamp (BC) series of heavy-duty belt splices securely fastens belting on larger bucket elevators. As the originator of this proven style of belt clamp, 4B designed it from three pieces of extruded aluminum including a center wedge section to minimize belt wear.
The BC1 and BC2 can be used on textile belts. The BC2 can also be used on steel web belting along with the BC3 and BC4.
The BC2, BC3 and BC4 versions incorporate an additional three piece machined steel vise grip section designed to ride above the aluminum base clamp and secure the steel cords within a steel web belt.

• Four versions for belts up to 2500 kN/m
• Extruded aluminum construction (main body)
& machined steel (steel cord vise grip section)
• Non-sparking (BC1 version)
• Secured by high tensile M16 bolts and self locking nuts
• BC1 and BC2 designed for textile belts
• BC2, BC3 and BC4 for belts with steel web core


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