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HyperLOG Aaronia AG



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    Min.: 0.68 GHz

    Max.: 18 GHz


The Pre-compliance test antenna series HyperLOG® 60xxx in the span range of 380MHz to 18GHz are made in Germany product with Top-quality high-tech TEFLON antenna support and are best suited for mobile use, owing to the small size and light weight of the antenna. An ultra-thin, GOLD-COATED high tech TEFLON base is used for the design and architecture of these LogPer-antennas of the HyperLOG® 6000 series and forms the basis of their construction. Thus rendering the antenna with a frequency range that can be further extended to greater frequencies.
The enhancement of the series now allows bandwidths from 680MHz up to as far as 18GHz which in turn allows the detection of unusable signal sources like military radar, various satellite services, very high frequency bugs etc.
The routers further inclusive of an excellent forward/backward ratio, excellent symmetry of radiation patterns, integrated 1/4" tripod socket and freely alienable polarization are an ideal for usage with spectrum analyzers for EMC measurement. The complete package of these Pre-compliance test antenna series includes antenna, typical CALIBRATION DATA, detachable handle, tripod, and an aluminum case.

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