Chain lubrication oil: spray

Wire Rope, Chain and Cable Lube

A high-grade lubricating oil, fortified with molybdenum disulfide to penetrate inaccessible areas and provide superior lubrication where temperatures and stress will break down ordinary lubricants.

* Excellent water displacing characteristics provide corrosion protection
* Excellent metal penetration
* Travels deep into wire ropes and exposed gearboxes, and along cabling
* Dark gray color allows easy visibility
* Will not wash away or rub off
* Reduces wear and increases chain life
* Performs at temperatures between -20°F and 300°F (-29°C and 149°C)
* FALEX E.P. Test Fallen Load to 4,500 lbs.

Application: chain drives and pins, open gearing, sprockets, wire ropes, bushings, roller, clippers, cables, hoists, conveyors, and other metal surfaces.


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