Adjustable vacuum pump
max. 25 "Hg, max. 120 SCFM | Q-VDF series ANVER Vacuum System Specialists

ANVER Q-VDF Series Adjustable Vacuum Pumps
Supplying High Vacuum Flow Rates and Vacuum Levels of up to 25" Hg.

ANVER Q-VDF Series Adjustable Vacuum Pumps
The Q-VDF Series of adjustable air powered vacuum pumps provide a combination of high vacuum flow rates of up to 120 SCFM, and vacuum levels of up to 25" Hg. Because of their straight-through design, the Q-VDF Series is recommended for handling porous materials and ideal for operation in contaminated situations.
This unit is noted for its ability to pass virtually all contaminants through the unit without obstruction. Q-VDF pumps can be used to pick and place materials as diverse as concrete block, and packaging materials that are coated with fine powder. They are typically used in air driven industrial vacuum cleaners to remove liquid and/or solid mixtures from sump areas. Q-VDF pumps are user-adjustable and eliminate the need for additional regulation of air lines to remotely vary the levels of vacuum or flow that is required.


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