multi-parameter calibration and test bench / for dosimeter / mechanical
АТ140 Atomtex



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    for dosimeter

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Reference АТ140 Neutron calibration facility is designed to simulate and transmit neutron flux density, ambient and individual dose equivalent rates of neutron radiation during calibration, verification and testing of neutron radiation monitors and dosimeters.

Operating principle of facility is based on the use of 238Pu-Be and 252Cf radionuclide sources. The facility implements irradiation pattern with fixed irradiator and calibration bench on linear travelling platform, as well as with "open" geometry.
All operations for radiation sources transfer form source magazine to working position and calibrated instruments positioning in radiation beam are automated. Automatic functions of facility are remotely controlled from operator room.
Control system with alarm and interlock functions and radiation monitoring system provides safety operation of facility.


Metrology support of neutron radiation monitors and dosimeters:
▪ Verification and calibration in metrology service facilities
▪ Setting-up and graduation of measurement instruments in the process of development and production