engineering software / design / electrical CAD / ERP



  • Function:

    engineering, design, electrical CAD, ERP


Aucotec's RUPLAN is a electrical engineering and control design solution for industry-specific condition requirements, due to its 25-year market availability. The software system features a constantly-updated user interface that delivers maximum adaptability concerning standards and integration into various IT conditions. These range from the field level to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) level. It also showcases a comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API). This system allows users from the water, automotive, and energy industries to realize specialized associated documents according to their preferred requirements.

The Aucotec RUPLAN comes in a wide selection of languages, suitable for international specifications. Extensive libraries for fluid technology are also available. The system and its integrated details comply with international IEC 61346, IEC 61355, and IEC 60617 standards.