Piezoresistive differential pressure transmitter
max. 1 bar | 430S BCM SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES bvba

430S-series pressure transmitters are designed for low pressure applications and made of silicon piezoresistive technology . When a working pressure acts on the metal diaphragm, the pressure is transmitted
to a Wheatstone bridge circuit of the pressure sensor die (SE103) through filling fluid. The output signal of the bridge circuit, which is proportional to the working pressure, is processed further to fit application purpose by
a signal conditioning circuit.
Thanks to BCM advanced temperature compensation technology and aging process, model 430S transmitters provide rather good long-term stability (<0.2%fs/year) and excellent thermal characteristics
The all-welded stainless steel construction of 430S PTs allows them to have better media compatibility. Various mechanical interfaces and electrical interfaces are available. These interfaces can be combined
without limitation. By means of an inner cavity, model 430S transmitter is designed to measure low gauge or absolute pressures of gases or dilute liquids. The all-stainless steel construction allows 430S transmitters to have a compatibility of pressure media with SS 316L. 430S transmitters are especially suitable for medical applications.

silicon piezoresistive technology
measuring ranges from -30~+30 mbar to -600~+600mbar
gauge and absolute reference available
selectable output of 4~20mA (standard), 0.5~4.5V , or 0.5~5V(or 10V)
0.5%fs accuracy
stainless steel (SS) case and SS 316L wetted parts
available in many type of pressure connection threads
and electrical interfaces

medical instrumentation
other low pressure applications



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