electric bending machine / for tubes / CNC / rolling



  • Operation:


  • Product handled:

    for tubes

  • Other characteristics:

    CNC, rolling, multi-function, cutting, forming

  • Tube diameter:

    13 mm, 22 mm


The 4-RUNNER is a complete production process starting from a coil which then straightens, end-forms (up to six passes), faces, rolls, bends, cuts and finally unloads the finished part.
All in one system.
The 4-RUNNER can be configured and used with a variety of modules. You can use it for a single function / process or as a complete combined production process (from feeding to unloading cut, bent and end-formed parts). This modular system can be built according to your needs or added to over time.
You can use both types of bending techniques to combine bending speed with the possibility of making short straights between bends or between bends and formed ends. The capability provides maximum flexibility and productivity.
You do not need to pick a specific bending direction. The machine can automatically switch between left and right hand bends.
Variable-radius bending offers many advantages, primarily more sophisticated bends and faster cycle times.