toothed transmission belt / polyurethane / maintenance-free



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Endless motion.

The versatile application possibilities of BRECOFLEX® timing belts allow the designer an extremely wide application spectrum.

This product reveals its strength ranging from simple two-shaft power transmissions to multi-shaft power transmissions. Maintenance-free, low noise, constant length and abrasion resistance, just to mention a few of the advantages responsible for the success of our timing belts worldwide.

Drives with a high power transmission are the special field of application for BRECOFLEX® timing belts. BRECOFlex timing belts The production method developed by us includes tension member coiling in a thread pattern and timing belt extrusion. BRECOFLEX® TIMING BELTS can be employed for all tasks encountered in power transmission up to 10,000 rpm.

All drives designed for a high performance should preferably be produced as BRECOFLEX® TIMING BELTS with full length tension members. They can be subjected to both permanent operation or to start-brake characteristics.