powder sampler / for solids / bulk solids / for granule
Allschicht-Bohrer Bürkle



  • Sample type:

    powder, for solids, bulk solids, for granule

  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, portable, multi-point


The all-layer drill is a zone collector especially made for massively compacted substances. Most of the time, it is hard or impossible with conventional zone collectors to enter media of this type, and take a sample that extends through all layers.

In comparison, the drilling blades of the all-layer drill delve simply and rapidly to the needed depth, without using any great force. This makes it simple to take samples of media, even those with high density, and each type of highly-compacted powders and granulates.

The all-layer drill enables the user to take a representative sample through all the layers, even in highly-compressed media.

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