Differential pressure transmitter with digital output
max. 20 MPa, IP65 | MDM490 series Celmi

MPM490 uses piezo-resistive differential pressure sensor as sensing element. Silicon oil is filled in between die and two diaphragms, when measured differential pressure is added on two deaphragm, the pressure could be transferred onto die through silicon oil. Sensor die connects with amplifier circuit through wires, using semi-conductor's piezo-resistive effect, transforming differential pressure signal into electric signal. The whole product is used for differential pressure measurement of pretroluem, chemi-industry, power station and hydrology, etc.
-Full stainless steel construction, compact size, easy installation.
-Laser welding, full-sealed construction.
-Protection: IP65.
-Using piezo-resistive differential pressure sensor, 316L isolated diaphragm.
-Temperature compensation and aging, stable performance.
-Zero and span adjustable outside.
-Ex-proof version MPM490 conforms to GB3836.4 ExiallCT6 standard, ex-proof certificate is approved.
-Ship-use product conforms to CCs rules of classification of sea-going steel ships (2006), ship-use certificate is approved.
-CE and RoHS certificates.


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