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GX 320 is a 20 MHz DDS generator ideally used in high education, scientific research and by R&D engineers. The generator executes better accuracy, stability than traditional generators, thanks to its innovative technology in Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS). GX 320 can successfully produce accurate and varied signal forms like waveforms, sine, triangle, square & LOGIC, TTL output. To enhance its functionality, the device is fitted with internal and external modulation (AM, FM), and also linear and logarithmic sweep functions. Integration of Shift K function enables phase or frequency skips. BURST function helps in choosing the number of cycles-per-time period. This integration contributes to a detailed analysis, a detection of very brief events. You can set the GX 320 in a cascade arrangement for stimulating complex signals like three-phase network, Fourier synthesis, etc. This model is fitted with an external frequencymeter to cover the range from 5 Hz to 100 MHz.

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