big bag filling station / for powders / for the food industry / for bulk materials
Dec Group



  • Container type:

    for big bags

  • Product applications:

    for powders, for the food industry, for bulk materials

  • Operational mode:


  • Type:

    linear, weight


Big Bag Filling

Dec's big bag filling stations offer a variety of packaging concepts. These range from simple inflatable gaskets to liner systems which, if necessary, can be integrated into a glove box. The filling systems are of a modular design depending on the process and containment requirements.

UniDock System

Dec's UniDock System allows the simplified charging and discharging of big bags, whilst ensuring a high containment level (OEB 4), efficiency and a reliable operation.

It was specifically designed for solvent-moist products and is compatible with standard FIBCs. A protection sleeve excludes any contact with the product. With minimal cleaning efforts, the UniDock System combines essential advantages for the use of big bag filling and emptying tasks.