granulates dosing unit / powder / piston / weight
DosiValve Dec Group



  • Applications:

    granulates, powder

  • Type:

    piston, weight


Dec Group - DosiValve is a simple and cost effective solution for the dosing of powders and granules. t uses unique PTS – Powder Transfer System for longer distances in a safe and contained manner. It accommodates a hygienic design and offers high level of dosing accuracy +/- 1g. The unit does not have any rotating parts and hence no risk of particle release. It offers easy integration into transfer and packing lines and integrated fluidization for improved flow-ability.

The unit is available in different materials and sizes. The absence of rotating parts allows for easy cleaning and sterilization (CIP/SIP). The DosiValve is a cost-effective, efficient and flexible dosing system which is easily integrated into any process. The unit can be used in several area like drums, big bags, containers, silo, hoppers etc.

The DosiValve functions either through gravity charging for normal charging and discharging applications or active powder charging. The set parameters help in opening and closing of the pneumatically actuated piston. The speed, weight and precision of the piston are controlled by varying the frequency of opening/travel.