Anti-creep crossed linear roller slide
12 - 230 mm DELTRON

Del-Tron’s crossed roller tables are known for their high accuracy and exceptional load carrying capabilities. Our crossed roller bearings are available in both aluminum and steel, and the perfect choice for applications where these criteria must be met. Accuracies range from 0.0001” per inch of travel straight line accuracy on our aluminum tables to 0.00008” of parallelism on our steel crossed roller tables and are capable of carrying loads in excess of 2600 lbs. Our aluminum crossed roller tables are available with both inch and metric mounting holes. You can choose from our low profile LPT series with its 3 rail design or opt for our Gold Motion series with its flanged base and 4 rail design. Both are available with stainless steel crossed roller rails and roller cages for applications where corrosion resistance is a requirement. For vertical applications or applications involving high acceleration or deceleration forces you may want to consider our Anti-Creep crossed roller tables. These units employ a rail and roller cage design that eliminates roller cage migration or slippage due to load orientations or acceleration forces. For your convenience solid model drawings for our entire product line are available on our website and we are always ready to discuss any special needs or modifications you may require. Additional industry terms include roller tables, cross roller bearings, linear bearings, roller slides, and more generally as linear slides or motion slides.

• High accuracy and load capacity. Precision ground V grooved ways and rollers
• Withstands force in any direction. Alternately crossed rollers 45º angle


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