Anti-static transmission belt

New Cyclothane-SD urethanes resistivity is so low that it is classified as static dissipative because it eliminates static faster than anti-static materials. Consequently, our static dissipative belts work where regular antistatic belts fail.
Probably the lowest resistivity of any solid urethane O-ring belt.
Contains no carbon particles that can abrade off and short-out electronics.
Resistivity remains constant -- will not decrease when belts age or are stretched.
90A durometer -- baby blue color.
Recommended stretch is 10%.
Water, Mold & UV resistant.
A form of Cyclothane-E, but not food grade.
Volume resistivity 5 x 109 ohms-cm.
Surface resistivity 5 x 109 ohms/sq.
Static decay rate <0.01 seconds.


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