Anti-vibration transmission belt

Minimizes vibrations that stretch and abrade belts.
Helps retain belts in severely misaligned pulleys.
Greatly increase belt life in the applications below.
Bare Shaft Applications: Belts that run on bare shafts usually walk, i.e., screw down the shaft and snap back. This causes high frequency vibrations that stretch and abrade most belts. Anti Vibration belts are slippery enough to resist walking but still provide sufficient drive for most applications. They also cost much less than Shuttleworth® belts.
Side Forces: Side forces on a belt can easily roll it out of a pulley. If the forces are large enough, they stick the belt to the pulley flange. Then the rotating pulley lifts the belt over the flange edge, and the belt falls off. This occasionally occurs on conveyor diverters and on misaligned pulleys. The lubrication in our Anti Vib belt causes the belt to resist sticking to the flange, thus preventing the belt from rolling out.
Reversing Direction Belts: If a urethane belt is installed in a figure eight so that it rubs against itself, it will quickly abrade and fail. Our Anti Vib belt is lubricated, so it resists abrasion and lasts longer.


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