battery charger power supply / AC/DC / regulated / redundant
BC-2200 Eagle Eye Power Solutions



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    redundant, modular, battery charger


Product Description

The BC-2200 is a Float Battery Charger and Power Supply based on a modular, redundant platform design utilizing industrial switch mode technology. Hot-swappable Intelligent Power Modules (iPMs) are available at 12Vdc, 400W, 20.0A (Max), 20.0A (Rated) and 24Vdc, 400W, 10.0A (Max), 10.0A (Rated). Multiple iPMs in a single chassis provide redundancy (N+1, N+2, etc.) and will continue to operate if the User Interface Module (UIM) fails. Featuring industrial construction, models are available in 2, 4-slot chassis options. It is compatible with vented lead-acid (VLA), valve regulated lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) battery types.