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The PVmet-500-M0 is the base station in the PVmet-500 line. It is a unique weather station which is a modular platform to configure the most comprehensive weather station. Multiple high-end pyranometers and weather sensors can be combined as a turnkey solution for PV monitoring applications. This low-cost station is compact and simple to install and is easily connected to an inverter or SCADA system. The PVmet is an innovative sensor platform for PV monitoring applications, which is developed by Rainwise Inc. and provided by EKO.

PVmet-500-M0 base weather station comprises of a powerful electronic interface to connect all sensors and convert the output to a Modbus data string (RS-485 Modbus interface - Sunspec® certified).

Standard measurement parameters are (PV back-panel temperature, Relative humidity, Barometric pressure, Ambient temperature and Irradiance GHI). Optional parameters include Irradiance (POA), wind speed and direction, precipitation and additional back-panel temperature sensors). EKO offers 5 different pre-configured systems.

The PVmet series are turnkey, easy to install weather stations that can be used in harsh environmental conditions. Various mounting options are available, including the PV-Pro Mount. The PVmet is supplied with a detachable mast section that can be bolted to an existing structure.

All electrical connections are made using screw terminals and the standard sensors are factory installed. As a user/installer the only connections required are power and communication pheriphirals to connect the weather station.

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