Multi-function counter
CM78 - 6 digits ELAP

- 6 displayed digits
- Several application programs available
- 2 presets
- Settable operational modes

Provided with different software versions, CM78 performs a series of functions: from the simple display of preset values up to the partial/total count with double preset.

Three hardware versions are available:
H1 with fast count input and 40 KHz max.frequency,
H2 with analogue output, and
H3 with ON/OFF output and analogue input with high frequency A/D conversion (1 KHz) and 10 bit resolution input.

Versions with RS232 or RS485 serial port are also available, allowing to connect CM78 to a PC or to a printer or point-to-point to other CM78 units.

Technical specifications

* 6 displayed digits or 5 digits with minus sign
* 2 preset values
* Supply voltage: 115 or 230 or 24 Vac, 50/60 Hz or 24 Vdc (type H1 and H2 only)
* H1 fast count input and 40 KHz max.frequency
H2 ±10Vdc differential analogue output
H3 ON/OFF output and analogue input with high frequency A/D conversion (! KHz) - 10 bit resolution input.
* Count input for NPN open collector signals
* 40 KHz direct count max frequency
* 2 normally-open relay outputs, 3 A max I, 220 V max V, 50 Hz
* 2 auxiliary inputs
* Operational modes freely settable by the user: decimal digits, correcting factor of the input pulses
* Serial interface RS232 or RS485 (optional)
* Data storage at turning off on EEPROM
* Removable terminal box connections
* Front dimension; 48 x 96 mm; depth H1: 105 mm, H2 – H3: 138 mm
* Possibility to develop customers software


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