digital counter / electronic / panel-mount / multifunction



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    panel-mount, multifunction, programmable


Mono-bidirectional impulse counter with a microprocess operating , four led digit display, two output relays .On the counter is possible to set : 2 set-points, 3 working modes on the OUT 1, 4 modes for the OUT2 ,and it possible to visualize the incoming pulses divided by a value up to 9999.The counter is available in two models : a ) the pulse comes from a free-voltage contact or from a static based model type KC401C b ) the pulses are voltage dependent (same value as the power line) type KC401V. The counter programming is done through 3 front based keys.One more key is available as a reset key U . The set-points are changeable even during the working cycle ; instead the programming is possible only when the counting is not working and when it is resetted to zero. It is possible also to lock the programming of the parameters (except the set-points).
The SET/CNT led points out if the counter is working (fixed on), if it is in programming mode (blinking) or it is not active (fixed off). The settable counting frequency are: 1) 2 Hz / 2) 10 Hz / 3) 40 Hz / 4) 125 Hz / 5) 1000 Hz. The relay OUT1 ,with C1 value, turns ON at the end of the counting and it can be temporized with value (parameter F1=1,2,3) . The relay OUT2 works as a slow-down output and it is activated before OUT1. Its value must not be superior at C1 and it can be set as : - an absolute value
(parameter F2=3 )and it is visualized as C2 - relative value to OUT1(parameter F2=4 ) and it is visualized as C2d.