air filter / activated carbon / pleated / chemical
SilverSet™ Entegris



  • Designed for:


  • Filtration element:

    activated carbon

  • Other characteristics:

    pleated, chemical


SilverSet™ Chemical Filters for E2600 Housing
Advanced scanner optics and resist protection

Activated carbon media in inlet filter(s) prevents conversion of PGMEA to acetic acid, which can cause photoresist processing variation and material corrosion
Asymetric filter configuration prevents conversion of HDMSO to TMS, which causes scanner lens contamination
Hybrid filters containing highly-activated carbon plus advanced plymetric media removes a full range of contaminants including acids, bases and condensable organics
2-year filter lifetime at >99% removal efficiency for acids, bases and condensable organics in typical cleanroom photo bay conditions
Pleated filter design in rigid, deep frame optimizes active component surface area for maximum utilization and efficiency
Serial filter layout with interstack sampling ports provides multiple levels of protection and allows for filter performance monitoring and early break-through detection
Chemical filtration performance validated by Entegris Analytical Services, providing assurance that all filter performance claims are verified with supporting data.