electromagnetic separator / metal / compact / suspended
Eriez Magnetics Europe Limited



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    compact, suspended


The Compact Forced Cooled Suspended Magnets provide the traditional quality, performance, reliability and value of Eriez separators, but at a smaller size which leads to increased productivity and profitability.

These separators are designed to capture tramp metal from both shallow or deep burden depths and are ideal for almost any application – wet, dry, fine, or coarse. As plants continue to increase in size to take advantage of economies of scale, the Eriez’ force cooled electromagnets have been engineered to achieve better performance at a smaller size than traditional magnets.

Manual–cleaning magnets are available for simple installations while self–cleaning units provide for continuous tramp metal removal.


Higher magnetic fields in a smaller footprint
Wet-wound copper coils utilize Nomex insulation and fiberglass spacers to extend life
Forced cooling allows the magnets to produce a higher field strength at lower temperatures
Reduced suspended mass
Exclusive oil expansion tank prevents condensation and keeps the coils submerged and cool
Manganese bottom plate provides for superior durability in rugged applications
8 magnet sizes, 32 standard models and hundreds of special designs available for nearly every unique application
Special features available such as elevation derated coils, high fire point coolants, oil temperature sensors, flow switches for monitoring heat exchanger operation, conveyor speed switches, guards, controls, permanent retention, monitoring devices and many more