wood moisture meter / dielectric / non-destructive / hand-held
MC-160SA Exotek Instruments


  • Measured material:

    for wood

  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    non-destructive, hand-held


The Exotek Instruments series is a new generation of microprocessor controlled, pocket size handheld moisture meters. For quick and accurate non-destructive determination of the moisture content in wood and building materials as well as locating wet areas in floors, roofs and walls made of homogeneous material.

The series includes several types of capacitance moisture meters, MC-60A, MC-60CPA, MC-360BLA, MC-360XLA and MC-160SA.

It works on the principle of measuring the dielectric constant of the material. The field penetration depth is approximately 50 mm. It can be used under outdoor and indoor conditions.

Choice of material code makes measurements more accurate. There are 6 selectable material codes for wood and 5 groups for building materials.