Portable measuring instruments

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air velocity measuring device / temperature / flow / differential pressure
air velocity measuring device

... expert in the field of air conditioning and ventilation, you will find the testo 400 universal IAQ measuring instrument ideal. The IAQ measuring instrument with a built-in ...

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pressure measuring instrument / industrial / portable / digital
pressure measuring instrument

... digital indicator automatically detects the measuring range of the connected pressure sensor and guarantees a highly accurate pressure measurement. Functionality The CPH62I0 can be used for measuring ...

pressure measuring instrument / differential / industrial / portable
pressure measuring instrument

... possibilities Stainless steel pressure sensors with measuring ranges up to 1,000 bar (14,500 psi) are available for the model CPH62I0 hand-held pressure indicator. It is therefore particularly suitable as a test instrument ...

temperature measuring instrument / pressure / relative humidity / air flow
temperature measuring instrument
AMI 310

Kimo’s AMI 310 measures simultaneous parameters including pressure, temperature (Pt100 and thermocouple), humidity, air quality (CO/CO2), air velocity, airflow (vane probes and hotwire), and tachometry. - Measurement of hygrometry, temperature, ...

temperature measuring instrument / pressure / air flow / air velocity
temperature measuring instrument
MP 210

Kimo’s MP 210 micromanometer measures pressure, air velocity, airflow, temperature, tachometry, gas leak and carbon monoxide (up to 6 simultaneous measurements). Measurement of pressure, air velocity, and airflow Interchangeable modules Two ...

portable measuring instrument / alcohol content / RFID / for distilled spirits
portable measuring instrument
Snap 51

... 51 is the portable alcohol meter that will get the job finished in time. The instrument simplifies the whole distillation and watering down procedure in distilleries as samples of all strengths are measured ...

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Anton Paar
alcohol content measuring instrument / for distilled spirits / portable / digital
alcohol content measuring instrument
Snap 41

... pure distilled spirits to the watered-down, ready-to-drink spirits. The portable instrument measures your samples directly at the container within a few seconds. Results are shown in %v/v or °Proof, ...

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Anton Paar
combined measuring instrument / CO2 concentration / oxygen concentration / laboratory
combined measuring instrument

... oxygen in beverages. When combined with Anton Paar’s PFD filling device, sample is taken directly from the package into the measuring chamber of CboxQC – with no loss of dissolved carbon dioxide and dissolved oxygen during ...

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Anton Paar
impedance measuring device / for cables / portable
impedance measuring device

... harmonic. It highlights load-sensitive and neutral faults, detects poor contacts and unseen problems. It is also useful for measuring the earth loop impedance close to the source of supply.

frequency measuring instrument / ESR / portable / analog
frequency measuring instrument
881 series

This in-circuit ESR & DC Resistance capacitor tester is specially designed to measure ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) on capacitors in the range of 0.47uF to 2200uF, in or out of circuit. The ability to trouble shoot in-circuit saves ...

temperature measuring instrument / relative humidity / air quality / HVAC
temperature measuring instrument
Fluke 971

When it comes to maintaining good quality for indoor air, as well as optimal comfort levels, humidity and temperatures are important factors. Take accurate measures of these two factors using Fluke 971. The device will always deliver ...

diameter measuring device / shape / length / position
diameter measuring device

... spacing, shape and position of your workpieces. Three different measuring methods are used for this purpose: pneumatic, tactile and optical. The metrology you choose depends on which measuring task you ...

dissolved oxygen measuring instrument / portable
dissolved oxygen measuring instrument
InTap series

The fully integrated, portable DO Measurement systems are especially designed for the requirements in the beverage industry and provide easy sample handling. The portable systems are ...

water quality measuring instrument / conductivity / TDS / pH/oxidation-reduction
water quality measuring instrument
HHWT-SD1 series

... Potentials (ORP), pH levels, salt content, the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) rates. They also enable measuring of pH from 0 to 14, ORP from -1999 to 1999 mV, conductivity up to 200 mS (milliSiemens), ...

oxygen concentration measuring instrument / temperature / relative humidity / air quality
oxygen concentration measuring instrument

... concentration, pressure, air temperature and relative humidity with visible and audible alarms. This O2 monitor is an ideal instrument for indoor air quality (IAQ) diagnosis and HVAC system performance verification. The ...

pressure measuring instrument / electronic / for gas / air
pressure measuring instrument

The DMG electronic pressure gauge is designed to provide accurate measurements in a range going from -130 mbar to 130 mbar as well as -1000 mbar to 1000 mbar. It is intended for use with mediums such as gas or air and finds it's place ...

taper measuring instrument / portable
taper measuring instrument

The taper gauge MKG133 is used for measurement of external tapers 1:12 and 1:30 with a 27mm-205mm diameter and generate less than 1 pm measurement results. The gauge has two portable ...

belt tension measuring instrument / portable
belt tension measuring instrument

Schaeffler's FAG Top-Laser TRUMMY2 belt tension measuring device is a user-friendly optical-electronic manual measuring system that is both compact and durable. Determining ...

loss measuring instrument / reflection test / for fiber optics / portable
loss measuring instrument
DTX-CLT CertiFiber®

The DTX-CLT CertiFiber Optical Loss Test Set by Fluke Networks. Created with such excellence by one of the leading brands out in the market. It Provides optimum performance and is Built to withstand even the harshest of working condition. ...

pressure measuring instrument / industrial / portable / digital
pressure measuring instrument

In accordance with the conditions of the new DVGW-TRGI 2008, tightness tests can be performed with 150 m bar using the Drager MSI P3. The device is intended for chimney draft, pressure measurements on gas fired units and tightness tests. ...

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Dräger Safety
temperature measuring instrument / pressure / relative humidity / flow
temperature measuring instrument

The OMNIPORT 20 series is a handheld meter that is specifically manufactured for accurate measurement of various physical quantities, such as, humidity, temperature, dew point, air velocity, volumetric flow and air pressure. ...

temperature measuring instrument / moisture / oil / portable
temperature measuring instrument

The OILPORT 30 handheld meter is dedicated to portable monitoring of moisture and temperature in oil. The simple and intuitive operation via TFT touch screen and the built-in data logging function make ...

surface profile measuring device / laser / non-contact / for the automotive industry
surface profile measuring device
GapGun Pro2

... results. GapGun Pro2 is a simple upgrade option for existing users. GapGun is the ideal tool for quickly and accurately measuring small gaps and profiles throughout the car... it has saved time and money throughout ...

voltage measuring device / electromagnetic field / EMI / current
voltage measuring device

SCANPHONE Portable 3D electromagnetic mapping scanner in augmented reality. Autonomous and easy to use. Low cost, high resolution. Removable sensors (50 Hz – 7 GHz). Exporting data in XML format. 2D or 3D visualization. Brief ...

belt tension measuring instrument / portable / high-precision
belt tension measuring instrument
PCE-BTM 2000

... tool for determining belt tension force. This belt tension measuring device consists of a display unit and a sensor head which is attached to a gooseneck. The belt tension measuring device ...

earth resistivity measuring instrument / resistance / earth resistance / digital
earth resistivity measuring instrument

This instrument can also be used to ascertain or measure soil resistivity and ohmic resistance in accordance with the current-voltage measuring method. - Measurement of: Earth resistance Selective ...

ferrite content measuring instrument / portable
ferrite content measuring instrument

The FERITSCOPE® FMP30 is a handheld ferrite content measuring instrument developed by FISCHER. It determines the ferrite content in austenitic and duplex steel. This device can be ...

current measuring instrument / earth resistivity / portable
current measuring instrument
T-3V series

Capable of measuring the earth voltage The 2 mA measurement current can be used to make resistivity tests of the earth to trigger the earth circuit breakers of the circuit being tested Battery operated Self-disconnection. ...

earth resistivity measuring instrument / earth resistance / portable / digital
earth resistivity measuring instrument
TL-5 series

... current (270 Hz or 1470 Hz), in order to optimise the earthing test. The instrument has 4 ranges to measure resistances, covering the range that goes from 0.01 Ω to 20 kΩ. This instrument has been specially ...

pH measuring instrument / conductivity / multi-parameter / digital
pH measuring instrument
Portavo 907 Multi

The first portables with Memosens technology for measuring pH, conductivity and oxygen. Also for hazardous areas. One device allows connecting Memosens pH, conductivity or oxygen sensors (also optical ...

moisture measuring instrument / infrared / non-contact / process
moisture measuring instrument
IR 5000

... of a non-contact measuring head and a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for calibration and parameterisation of the moisture analyser. The HMI is installed near the measuring head where it is also used as ...

roughness measuring instrument / contact / laboratory / portable
roughness measuring instrument

... measurements. Measuring, Displaying and Printing Measuring and display device with a graphic display and 7 function keys Roughness Measurement High-precision roughness measurement instrument ...

roughness measuring instrument / USB / high-precision / computer-based
roughness measuring instrument

DH-8/App and every Windows computer becomes a roughness measuring instrument DIAVITE DH-8/App is best suited for permanent measuring stations. Depending on the application, the DIAVITE ...

roughness measuring instrument / contact / portable / USB
roughness measuring instrument

COMPACT II simple and flexible measurement It‘s not just a roughness measuring instrument, but also ideal for use in workshops or measuring rooms to easily meet challenging measuring ...

relative humidity measuring device / temperature / for the textile industry / for paper
relative humidity measuring device

The HP-GTS from Rotronic is a tried-and-tested instrument for measurement of equilibrium relative humidity and temperature in stacks of paper and cardboard. Applications Humidity measurements in stacks of paper, cardboard ...

portable measuring device / temperature / air quality / CO2 concentration
portable measuring device

The CP11 handheld instrument is an economical multiple parameter meter that simultaneously measures and records CO2, humidity and temperature. It also calculates the dew point and wet bulb temperature. ...