hot melt glue melter / with gear pump / on-demand
MicronMOD Focke Meler Gluing Solutions, S.A


  • Type:

    hot melt glue

  • Other characteristics:

    with gear pump, on-demand


Micron MOD with gear pump is a melter that combines the advantages of an automatic filling system with “Micron” technology. Increased energy and melting efficiency and maximum preservation of all of the adhesive's properties, achieved through precise flow control.
MICRON MOD with gear pump, an innovative, versatile and robust device, designed to preserve the quality of the adhesive, for low and medium consumption applications.
Because it uses Melt on Demand technology, it only melts the necessary amount of adhesive, when required, quickly, safely and efficiently; this means that the adhesive always remains in a perfect condition, preventing charring and, therefore, clogging of the nozzles, so frequent cleaning of the melting system is not required.