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Drum emptying system
PS20 NON-STOP series Focke Meler Gluing Solutions, S.A


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The PS20 is a non-stop drum unloader from Meler. It incorporates the features of the drum melter and the benefits of continuous work with standard tank reservoir. The machine is engineered to use 20 liters of PUR blocks in hermetic plastic bags. The integrated pneumatic cylinder pushes the block to a heated melting grid to melt at a right quantity which then goes to the tank reservoir, filling it up on a programmed level.

The melting system works together with a moister-free atmosphere inside of the tank to ensure an adequate conservation for the adhesives and prevents pre-mature reticulation. It also has a gear pump that provides an equal and precise glue application. Furthermore, the PS20 can be delivered with different pump capacities.


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