wall-mounted junction box / NEMA / IP65 / polycarbonate
IAC200 series FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.



  • Mounting:


  • Protection level:

    NEMA, IP65

  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for load cells


Product Description
FUTEK's IAC200 2–4 Channel Summing Junction Box is FUTEK’s solution for utilizing one display with multiple sensor where the output resultant or summing is required. The IAC200 features dip switch selectable channels (2 to 4), a UV Stable 94V-2 Polycarbonate Enclosure, and weighs only 14.7 oz. It is also available with built-in amplifier for VDC or 4-20 mA output

Product Highlights
Excitation – mV/V Version: Refer to sensor infosheet for max excitation, system not to exceed 24 VDC – VDC, mA Version: 14-26VDC
Dip Switch Selectable Channels (2-4)
Individual Span Adjustment For All 4 Channels 350 Ohm bridge - 13% 700 Ohm bridge - 24% 1000 Ohm bridge - 31%
Easy Access Screw Terminal Blocks
Cable Strain Relief To Support Cables From Ø 0.08 in [Ø 2.0 mm] to Ø 0.25 in [Ø 6.35 mm]
Dual Mounting Holes
IP65/NEMA 4X Rated Housing UV Stable 94V-2 Polycarbonate Material