X-ray image visualisation software
VISTAPLUS V GE Inspection Technologies

With its state-ofthe- art digital image enhancement and analysis functions, VISTAPLUS V is the perfect system for rapid and precise evaluation of x-ray radioscopic images. It features a range of image acquisition systems to guarantee optimum image quality and an optimized user interface to facilitate the creation of complex image processing macros for instance. In addition to its standard image processing functions, VISTAPLUS V also offers real-time filtering of the live image, guaranteeing the best possible image representation also while inspecting in motion.
Image acquisition with high-resolution 1k digital camera (12 Bit)
Supports two monitors (up to three as an option)
Non-tearing live image with various monitors
Real-time averaging for noise reduction in the live image without smearing effects
Real-time filtering of the live image
33 predefined digital filter functions plus additional user-definable filters
Easy to set up image processing macros
Zoom (stepless from 0.1 to 8.0)
Ergonomic user interface
Automatic and manual contrast and brightness adjustment
Overlay tools for image annotation
Automatic and manual storage of digital images in various formats (BMP, JPEG, JPG2000, PNG, TIFF)
Detector protection system During operation, the detector is monitored by an alarm system which is triggered in the event of blooming and damage to the x-ray detector.
Control from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies radioscopic x-ray systems
Password protection
Integrated reference image function with user-definable display.
Illumination mode


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