temperature data-logger / USB / without display / for pharmaceutical products
-40 ... +85 °C | TK-4014-MED Gemini Data Loggers (UK)



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  • Display:

    without display

  • Applications:

    for pharmaceutical products

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The Tinytag Talk 2 Medical data logger is a simple, cost-effective way of monitoring the temperature of pharmaceuticals in fridges, freezers and cool (ambient) storage.
Used widely by hospital pharmacies, surgeries and health centres, the logger automatically records and stores a complete temperature history.
The Tinytag Talk 2 Medical logger has two alarms that can be user set at high and low levels specific to the products being monitored. Breaching these set-points will trip a flashing red light, enabling spot assessment of ongoing temperature levels.
This compact, battery powered unit is reliable and highly accurate. Designed with a temperature response similar to many vaccine formats, it accurately profiles the temperature changes experienced by the pharmaceuticals being monitored.
The recording interval is user defined and with a memory capacity of 16,000 readings, this would provide six months of data with a reading every half hour. The temperature history is transferred easily to a PC using a USB cable, where the Tinytag Explorer software will automatically produce a graph and table of the data, creating a permanent record.

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