Automatic turntable stretch wrapper
max. 10 c/min, 1 800 Kg | Ecospir A/ID ITALDIBIPACK


High quality-standard, robust and compact machine that may be accessorized with various options according to specific requirements of pallet-wrapping: for example wrapping pallets of large size and remarkable weight, wrapping unstable and not so heavy pallets, etc Ideal for users who has to wrap a high number of pallets.

-Digital electronic control panel
-Fully automatic cycle controlled by a photo-cell
-4 memorizable working programs: full cycle (up and down), single cycle (only upward), single cycle with "top sheet" wrapping, full cycle + top sheet
-Manual way of working too
-Independent setting of working parameters: top and bottom wrapping numbers, rotation speed (controlled by inverter), film tension (adjusted by an electromagnetic brake)
--Indexed turntable stopping position
-Roll carriage moved by a loop chain with automatic recovery of elongation
-1800-kilos load capacity

Options on request:

-Loading ramp
-Extended column
-Extra wide turn-table (diameter: 1800 mm)
-Reinforced turn-table (load capacity up to 2000 Kg)
-Pneumatic top press
-Inverter on the column
-Power Pre-stretch 200% (1 m = 3 m)

The machine works with stretch film


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