Turntable stretch wrapper
max. 10 c/min, 1 700 kg | Ecospir ELC/SX ITALDIBIPACK


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STOP PALLET-WRAPPING BY HAND! It is extremely possible to make the process of pallet wrapping automatic without even spending a lot of money either. The Italdibipack Group has thought of a "turn-table" which is highly practical, efficient, reliable as well as cost effective. This Ecospir ELC/SX is one of the cheapest as well simplest solutions for pallet-wrapping requirements. It is highly cost effective and so is within the reach of everyone. It has an electric control panel as well as two separate ways of working, manually with the help of operator where he has to push the buttons and automatically where a photocycle is responsible for this. It has 10 different cycles of working which can be programmed by setting a variety of parameters that is bottom and top wraps, photocell delay, number of wrapping cycles in continuous sequence. 9 wrapping cycles can be programmed in a sequence. The delay of the photocell is adjustable (to increase/decrease the overlap on top of the load). It has an indexed turntable stopping position. The speed of the rotations of the turntable is controlled by . . .


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