compact enclosure / DIN rail / modular / ABS
Railbox Compact Vertical series Italtronic



  • Construction:

    compact, DIN rail

  • Configuration:


  • Material:


  • Application:

    electronic equipment

  • Protection level:




On the RAILBOX COMPACT VERTICAL it is possible to mount a printed circuit board on the component called base without using any screws. Using the adapters, it is possible to mount a smaller PCB or, if needed, two separate PCBs. This characteristic makes the RAILBOX COMPACT VERTICAL particularly flexible. The use of breakable hole covers avoids machining costs and time and offers the Customer a product always ready to use, independently of the layout of the electronics. Such characteristic makes the product particularly appreciated from the users for prototyping. In applications where modularity is requested, there is the possibility to add PCBs to the basic one by the use of spacers. In this way the Customer is free add to modules to the basic product, without any limit, maintaining an extremely professional and refined image of the finished product. The terminals to be used in the RAILBOX COMPACT VERTICAL are the plug in PH. The fins dimensions are able to accept 34 poles, pitch 5,08 (17 poles per side).

Technical specs

MaterialSelf-extinguishing Blend PC/ABS
ColourGreen, Black, Grey, Special colour on request