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sensor enclosure / small-size / rectangular / PC
sensor enclosure
BoLink Series

The intelligent and versatile enclosure system for modern IoT sensor technology - 1 basic size - 3 heights - 2 colours - 3 variants (without wall brackets, with wall brackets, with wall brackets and ...

aluminum profile enclosure / wall-mount / for desktop computers / rectangular
aluminum profile enclosure

Width: 170 cm
Height: 50 cm

... operating elements (SMART-TERMINAL 160: 5.7"/14 cm; SMART-TERMINAL 200 & 240: 7"/17.8 cm) ◾horizontal PCB guides and screw channels inside the enclosure ◾flat areas for easy installation of the interfaces ◾side ...

ergonomic enclosure / for printed circuit boards / EMI-shielded / RF-shielded
ergonomic enclosure

Two-piece RF Shield 8.7 x 6.3 x 3mm, EMI Shielded Can, RF Shielding Cabinet for PCB, Board Level Shielding, Tin Plated Steel

disassemblable box / panel-mount / rectangular / anodized aluminum
disassemblable box

Width: 114 mm
Height: 33 mm
Depth: 120 mm

... aluminum electrical box 1. Split Enclosure 2. Finish ------ Professional Anodize ,Sandblast 3. Dimensions :114-33-L (W*H-L ) 4. screws included Excellent electromagnetic shielding performance Built-in ...

panel housing / modular / aluminium / empty
panel housing

Width: 332 mm - 510 mm
Height: 280 mm
Depth: 175 mm

Aluminum Profile housing for the installation of 19-inch electronic components Side panel with PVC cover black or brown Ground profile perforated, lid profile not perforated Construction according to DIN 41494, 3HE, ...

compact enclosure / modular / polyimide / electronic equipment
compact enclosure
CZ8 Guide

Enclosure which can be easily mounted without the use of screws for the assembly of the items. The front panel can be easily inserted with a snap lock mechanism or it can be moulded into the enclosure. ...

DIN rail enclosure / rectangular / ABS / electronic equipment
DIN rail enclosure
IT 010 Guide

Features Enclosure prearranged for DIN rail fastening. 10 screws-type connection, possibility of fixing printed circuit board through wire or direct soldering. Technical ...

surface mounted enclosure / modular / galvanized steel / extruded
surface mounted enclosure

Width: 80, 10, 160 mm
Height: 100, 122 mm

DIN-rail module to accommodate printed circuit boards, euroboards and individual electronic configurations Features EMC/RFI prepared (expandable) Solid and torsion free board ...

sealed enclosure / compact / rectangular / thermoplastic
sealed enclosure
Armor IPX™

... IPX™ Clear Sealed Enclosure provides superior protection for printed circuit boards and electronic control modules in harsh environments and off-road ...

portable enclosure / rectangular / modular / aluminum
portable enclosure

Width: 350, 225, 275 mm
Height: 125, 150, 75, 100 mm
Depth: 200 mm - 320 mm

Technomet Highly attractive instrument enclosures Advanced desktop and portable enclosures in eight standard sizes Modern and cohesive design with no visible fixing screws Die cast ...

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wall-mount enclosure / rectangular / polycarbonate / ergonomic
wall-mount enclosure
Electronic Box series

Width: 80 mm - 130 mm
Height: 130 mm - 180 mm
Depth: 35 mm - 60 mm

Enclosure for electronic field. Economical Range of size, specialy for electronic components and PCB’s. tall, ergonomic sizes grey or clear cover 6 diffenrent sizes Your advantages: We will provide you with ...

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Hugro Armaturen GmbH
small-size enclosure / modular / plastic / tin
small-size enclosure

Width: 12 mm - 60 mm
Height: 13 mm - 60 mm

... Tape&Reel for easy pick&place soldering Applications To prevent EMI radiation from PCB and to keep sensitivity low of: – RF output stages – RF input and amplifier stages – Oscillators – EMC ...

wall-mount enclosure / rectangular / aluminum / for printed circuit boards
wall-mount enclosure
Multitronic series

Width: 185 mm
Height: 105, 165, 208, 190 mm
Depth: 36 mm - 110 mm

Aluminium EMC mounting enclosure for MCR-technology Integrated guide grooves for PCB´s External mounting slots with spring nuts

panel housing / modular / for printed circuit boards
panel housing

Modular Housing, DIN Panel Housing, DIN-Rail Enclosures, Enclosures for Single-Board Computers Since 1964 the innovative family business Ettinger GmbH has been your dependable partner ...

compact enclosure / rectangular / in plastic / for printed circuit boards
compact enclosure
1900 series

Width: 15 mm - 160 mm
Height: 10 mm - 50 mm

... shielded housing is designed to be installed in, for example, an existing plastic housing in order to protect the components against electromagnetic interference. The EMI shielded housing ...

wall-mount enclosure / rectangular / plastic / for printed circuit boards
wall-mount enclosure
IP65 | 70 series

Multifunctional and modern design for indoor and outdoor applications Moulded in high impact ABS Recesses in lid and base to accept membrane keypads and overlay Internal pillars and side slots for PCB’s mountings Plastic screws covers Neoprene ...

small-size enclosure / rectangular / polyamide / electronic equipment
small-size enclosure
IP40 | MBZA series

Width: 52, 75 mm
Height: 106 mm

Plug-Card-Enclosures MBZA with gold-plated contacts offer the possibility of direct contacting between the circuit boards and connection terminal. The enclosures are ...

compact enclosure / mobile / surface mounted / modular
compact enclosure
Compact Case 20

Width: 130 mm - 300 mm
Height: 60 mm - 150 mm
Depth: 150 mm - 300 mm

... and intelligent design – the latest addition to Elma's innovative enclosure range. Versatile: the Compact Case 20 The Compact Case 20 is a robust and high-quality aluminum enclosure for measuring devices ...