Wiper seal / rectangular / rubber
James Walker


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* Wyclip® :
- Removes tenacious contaminants from rods.
- Simple clip-in scraper of hardwearing thermoplastic.
- Temperature range: -40°C to +100°C.
- Supplied in endless form.

* Wiper Type L :
- Tough rubberised fabric construction.
- Well proven design with extensive standard range.
- Temperature range: -35°C to 120°C.
- Supplied in split and endless forms.

* Lionsele® B1 :
- Rectangular bearing strip with very low coefficient of friction.
- Compatible with virtually all fluid media.
- Maximum surface speed: 5m/s.
- Temperature range: -60°C to 150°C.
- Supplied in strip form, endless or split.

* Lionsele® B2 :
- Rectangular bearing strip of resin-impregnated synthetic fabric.
- Accepts high side loading.
- Maximum surface speed: 1m/s.
- Temperature range: -60°C to 100°C.
- Supplied in strip form, endless or split.


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