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Convert hydraulic pressure and flow into torque and angular displacement, rotary mechanical power, applied to a load via the shaft.

With displacements from 2.8 to 87 cc/rev and maximum continuous working pressures of up to 295 bar this range of gear motors satisfies demands of a wide range of applications.

Hydraulic gear motors can be supplied in single or bi-rotational formats and units are available with a comprehensive range of mounting flange and shaft options including specific designs to accommodate high radial loads.

A complete range of integrated valves to suit a wide range of applications are available as standard.

A variety of materials used within the construction process ensure suitability for a wide range of fluids and environments.

FEM for efficiency
Research & development applying the latest Finite Element Method analysis is used to produce gear motors and gear pumps with overall efficiencies above 90%. The product range is available in a wide range of mounting flanges and port sizes, to meet European and international standards including SAE and DIN.

Teflon® coated shaft-bearing surfaces are available for long service life.

For calculations and help to select the best hydraulic gear motor for your application please visit www.jbj.co.uk/gear-motors.html

An excellent range of hydraulic gear motors with good starting characteristics and good volumetric and mechanical efficiency. A complete range of reversible units and gear motors compliment the range of hydraulic motors and pumps for all types of industrial process, heavy plant, agricultural and commercial equipment.