flat-film coextrusion line / 6-layer / barrier film
M6L-3000 Jinming Machinery (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.



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    barrier film


6-layer High Barrier Zebra Mulch Film Casting Machine
6-layer High Barrier Mulch Film Casting Machine is the first lines in the world, and this line is used for producing high barrier black/white/yellow zebra mulch film.

Jinming multilayer mulch film casting machine is a machine integrating high-end technology and developed for special applications. The machine is mainly used for production of high-end functional films and sheets. The equipment combines a number of advanced technologies in the cast film equipment industry, and reaches the international advanced level in the automatic control technology, flow channel allocation, process control and other aspects. Jinming is the first plastic film equipment maker in the Asia-Pacific region that is able to manufacturer such kind of machine.

Moreover, Jinming mulch film casting machine can also produce multicolor barrier mulch film and non-barrier mulch film based on customers' requests, providing customers with more choices in other areas of film production.

The first Chinese enterprise in the Asia-Pacific region that masters multilayer barrier and multicolor coextrusion technology; The machine has high degree of automation. It can be started by one person from plastic resin processing to product packaging, thus achieving fully automation and reducing labor costs; Downstream industries are targeted for wisdom agriculture and functional packaging, which promote the development of Chinese agriculture and packaging technology; Used for packaging of clothing and electronic components; Used for food packaging pallet and stretch wrappers.