Non-isolated step-up DC/DC converter
12 VDC / 48VDC, 400 W | PSU48/12-2, PSU48/24-2 JVL

Power Supplies PSU48/12-2 and PSU48/24-2

This Power Supply can be used when the supply voltage is 12VDC as for instance a battery. It converts 12 VDC to 48VDC regulated so that a motorcontroller which has to be supplied with 48VDC can be connected directly. For instance can the MAC motor MAC050 to MAC141 series and the QuickStep MIS23x series be connected directly. It is possible to connect 12 VDC to a motor controller but the max. velocity will be limited to approximately 25% and the dynamic capabilities of the motor is decreased considerably. PSU48/12-2 can deliver 140W continously and up to 400W peak which matches the requirements of MAC140, which demands 400W in peak. Thereby a reliable and highly dynamic motor system is secured from only a 12VDC supply. If the supply voltage is 24VDC the converter PSU48/24-2 can be delivered.

It is recommended to mount a capacitor, for instance 4700µF/50 volt across the 48V if large peak currents have to be drawn for instance if a MAC140 or MAC141 is used. Thereby the voltage is smoothed out and overshoot that can damage the motor is avoided.


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