Polishing pad
Ø 200 - 400 mm LAM PLAN

The LAM PLAN abrasive papers respond to very strict quality standards. The calibration of the silicon carbide grains is guaranteed for the European standards FEPA regardless of their sizes (P80 to P4000).
The resistance of the resins used to maintain the abrasive grains gives to the LAM PLAN abrasive papers a high resistance to heat and moisture. The orientation of the grains is obtained by an electrostatic process. The choice of the support paper (thickness and basis weight) is adapted to the grains thickness used to reduce the wear of the abrasive papers. The paper is made impermeable in its mass and on the surface.
Excellence SiC abrasive papers
Available from P80 to P1200 of Ø 200 to 400 mm. The standard checks of the abrasive paper generally manufactured in large quantities are sometimes insufficient to avoid that complete disc series are outside the standards required by our Metallography laboratory, LAM PLAN creates the Excellence Range and its double guarantee.
The Excellence abrasive papers boxes belong to the same manufacture batch and the individual check of each part guarantees the use of a quality abrasive paper.


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