polishing compound / finishing / liquid

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polishing compound / finishing / liquid polishing compound / finishing / liquid


  • Applications:

    polishing, finishing

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The Aqueous suspension of the non-agglomerated nanometric silica in stabilized in an alkaline medium. It is used for the carrying out of super finish polishing which obtains very smooth finishes. It is simple to use and applicable on varying types of materials. The recommended use is to dilute by 10 to 20% in water. The L1 finishing liquid Finish polishing suspension is uniquely formulated for mechano chemical polishing. While being used the active substance of the solution embrittle the surface that should be polished, this improves the and optimizes the abrasive grains. This allows a combination performance of stock removal and polishing quality. It is recommended for titanium and its alloys. and available in ready to use preparation Liquide Final L2 Composite solution used for ceramics oxides and silicas. Perfect for the preparation of your surfaces before the super finish step and perfect for the the polishing of aluminum along with its alloys. The Liquidides ALPLAN New final polishing solution is made of aluminum oxides of a superior purity.