silicon carbide abrasive disc / for polishing / grinding / for metal
Ø 200 - 400 mm



  • Disc material:

    silicon carbide

  • Applications:

    for polishing, grinding

  • Treated material:

    for metal

  • Diameter:

    Min.: 200 mm

    Max.: 400 mm


The grinding and pre-polishing disc is manufactured by Lam-Plan, and is an abrasive paper that respond to very strict quality, which the calibration of the silicon carbide grains in guaranteed for the European standards FEPA. It is also available from P80 to P4000, which has a diameter ranging from 200 to 400 mm.

The resistance of the resins is utilized to maintain the abrasive grains that gives to the abrasive paper a high resistance to heat and moisture. There is an orientation of the grains that is attained by an electrostatic process.

The unit has a patented FAS® system supports the disc which allows positioning and unsticking without any problem. There is also a use of non-adhesive abrasive paper that is facilitated by the use of the FIX LAM® fixing system.