carbon analyzer / silica / total organic carbon / crystallization



  • Measured entity:

    carbon, silica, total organic carbon

  • Measured value:

    crystallization, moisture

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, multi-parameter, laboratory, for environmental assessments


The LECO RC612 edition is a multi-phase carbon and hydrogen/moisture determinant that is engineered to analyze the carbon and hydrogen content present in various organic and inorganic samples. It is also capable of identifying the source of several types of carbon content. This apparatus can analyze different types of samples whether powdered, strip, or tubular. It provides a complete data analysis of surface carbon, free carbon, organic carbon, inorganic carbon, carbonate, moisture, and crystalline water.
Advanced furnace functionality allows utilizing of the RC612 for vast spectrum of process control and research applications in minerals and ores, refractories, cement, ceramics, catalysts, silica, molding powder, welding flux, non-ferrous metals as well as total organic carbon (TOC) in rocks and soils, Total Organic and Total Inorganic Carbon in Waste. The RC612 is in accordance with AWS (ANSI) verified method for analysis of Moisture Content of Welding Fluxes and Welding Electrode Flux Coverings.