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2-drum containment bund / 4-drum / 1-drum / galvanized



  • Applications:

    2-drum, 4-drum, 1-drum

  • Material:

    galvanized, steel

  • Other characteristics:

    with galvanized grid

  • Capacity:

    440 l, 240 l (116.2 gal)


The PROTEC-BOX retaining tank allows the storage of your drums safely and in accordance with the regulations.

Moving the retention tray to the truck or forklift
Stacking 1/1 (except PB1000)
Support for 30 x 30 hot-dip Galvanized mesh Slats
Skate-shaped feet for storage in a locker
Factory tested sealing
Blue (5010), Green (6018) or grey (40) lacquered finish paint in standard
French design and manufacturing