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Abrasive water-jet cutting machine
3099 x 1575 mm | MAXIEM 1530 MAXIEM Waterjets

The Model 1530 allows you to cut within an X-Y cutting travel area of 10' 2" x 5' 2" (3,099 mm x 1,575 mm). As with all MAXIEM JetCutting Centers, the MAXIEM 1530 cuts a variety of materials without the need to change equipment setup. This model and the other smaller models come with the option of whip-style or scissor-style plumbing. The complete MAXIEM product line is equipped with state-of-the-art drive technology which delivers a robust and reliable performance by harnessing Intelli-TRAX's superbly accurate motor movement on protected, precision ground drive shafts with stainless steel track rollers. Get the highest return of your equipment investment by benefitting from the unparalleled advantage of consummate expert abrasive waterjet technology.


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