cleaning machine with carousel / water / compressed air / automatic



  • Technology:

    water, compressed air

  • Operational mode:


  • Field:

    medical, for the automotive industry, metal machining, for production, for industrial use, specific application, for industrial applications

  • Other characteristics:

    online, stainless steel, robust, custom, closed-loop, 2-tank, blowing, with dryer, rotating table, for metal, by rotation/agitation, with rinsing, with filtration system, degreasing, multiple-stage, spray, with carousel

  • Capacity:

    450 l (118.9 gal)


This is a spray washing machine manufactured by Mecanolav which features its reduced size. For this specific unit, it is made of a stainless steel which makes it easy to maintain. Also, it can be used for washing machine parts continuously. For particular cleaning operation, it uses either gravity and particle size function.