fast cleaning machine / water / automatic / for surface treatment



  • Technology:


  • Operational mode:


  • Field:

    for surface treatment, for automobiles, metal machining, for production, fast, for industrial use, specific application, cost-effective, industrial, for aeronautical applications, for aeronautics

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, compact, online, blowing, single-tank, spray, front-loading, degreasing, with dryer, with filtration system, continuous, by rotation/agitation, robust, custom, small-size, with articulated robot, closed-loop, for metal, very high-efficiency, turntable

  • Capacity:

    Min.: 300 l (79.3 gal)

    300 l (79.3 gal)

    Max.: 600 l (158.5 gal)


MecanoFAST - Clean & dry in 30 seconds

The MecanoFAST concept is a targeted spraying of the part at very high flow, followed by compressed air blowing, to degrease, clean and dry parts in few seconds.


30 seconds cycle time,
Small footprint allow integration within the manufacturing cell,
Single part handling fit your production, no buffer required,
Easy access for manual or automated loading/unloading,
Extremely fast change over from one part to the other,


2m² / 22 ft² footprint,
700 mm/ 28" wide make it perfect for cell integration,
3 sides access for maximum loading/unloading efficiency,
Safe loading with light curtains,
Robot automation friendly,
Rotary loading table, conveyor belt and pallet changer available,
Loading/unloading at the same location reduce material handling,


Washing quality that feet your needs thanks to : 3D modeling of the washing tools, 3 level filtration system, particle cleaning range within 150 to 600 µm,
Energy saving : Heating ON/OFF scheduling, auto sleepmode, eco-design,
Easy access for maintenance through wide panels,
Enhanced reliability through top bands components.


Parts degreasing,
Parts washing,
Particular cleaning.