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octorotor UAV / aerial photography / for industrial applications / lightweight
ARF OktoXL 6S12 Mikrokopter



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    aerial photography, for industrial applications

  • Other characteristics:



The time does not stand still. A fact, which we have to face every day. The same comes with the needs of you and the ours. Ours are defined throughout yours and we know/think that the new OktoXL ARF will fit your needs more than ever.

The main features are:
Payload up to 4kg
5-10% longer flight time
Higher and more stable landing gear (30cm passing height)
More power efficiency with new motors (MK 3644) and new motor controllers (BL3.0)
More stability through a CFK cover of the frame
More safety through visual feedback of the Kopter during low LiPo power