laser alignment system / for rotating machinery / shaft / with integrated data logger



  • Technology:


  • Applications:

    for rotating machinery, shaft

  • Other characteristics:

    with integrated data logger, high-accuracy, wireless


Misalignment can have devastating effect on machinery, resulting in unplanned downtime, need for bearings replacement, shortened machine life span etc.
While this issue is easy to mitigate with an advanced laser alignment system, the latter can be costly.
We are proud to introduce qb701 - an entry level laser shaft alignment system that offers all of the essential functionality for the price of a dial indicator kit!

- easy and precise shaft alignment
- transducers with built-in Bluetooth and rechargeable batteries
- large 24mm detectors
- distance between transducers on S and M machines - up to 3m
- extra light wireless transducers weigh just 125g - the lightest of their kind in the world!
- electronic inclinometers allow for convenient measurement in any shaft position
- a rich set of options including horisontal and vertical machine alignment, direct PDF reports etc.
- high capacity flash drive for measurements and reports storage, USB interface with PC
- ConSpect freeware for measurements archiving and reports generating

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