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vacuum evaporator / centrifugal / thin-film / process
EVAPOR Okawara Mfg. Co., Ltd



  • Type:

    vacuum, centrifugal, thin-film

  • Laboratory/process:


  • Applications:

    for sample concentration, for liquid concentration, for solvents, for dairy products, condensate

  • Other characteristics:

    for large volumes, explosion-proof, Evapo-concentration, ambient air, high-speed, low temperature


Spinning Cone Centrifugal Flow Thin Film Vacuum Evaporator “Evapor” consists of a cantilevered conical rotor horizontally set in the process chamber and peripheral components resulting in an unique equipment.

How does the “Evapor” works?
The material to be concentrated is pumped into the equipment through a feed tube, ≈200G centrifugal force created by the spinning cone spreads the product over the entire heating surface in a very thin layer (approximately 0.1 mm), then it is collected at the outer edge of the spinning cone through the stationary paring tube and pumped out of the equipment. Additionally, its centrifugal design means that “Evapor” can achieve higher concentration level than other types of evaporators.
Gentle evaporation under vacuum: reducing the material’s boiling point means that evaporation can occur at lower temperatures (from 35oC) and extremely short product residence time on the heating surface (<1 second for any model) guarantee a high quality concentrated product.

Capacity to achieve high concentrations in a single pass or re-circulation operation, can handle more viscous products than most evaporators in the market (<20,000 mPa-s/cP)
Foaming minimized by centrifugal force
Hygienic system design with easy heat transfer surface cleanability.
Quick start-up and easy switchover from operation to cleaning, resulting in a speed and uncomplicated change of feed products.
Minimal floor space required due to compact and practical design.

More than 600 "EVAPOR" units have been delivered worldwide for a wide variety of applications in industries such as food and beverage, nutraceuticals, chemical, pharmaceutical, organic natural product, among others.